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   The days of dog detection . . . . Saturday, August 13, 2022 
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The concept of using dogs to detect certain substances is quite old. It has long been known that dogs can be trained to recognize a particular odor. If a dog is taught to alter its behaviour when certain odours, denoting specific substances are found, a dog and its handler can be a formidable team.

Dogs are more capable than any other detection system or method because they can accurately detect a wide variety of materials. No one really knows how sensitive a dog’s nose is, but scientists note that a dog’s sensitivity to odor is vastly greater than that of a human.Anyone choosing to use dogs in lieu of equipment must remember that they are, like humans, biological systems. They must eat, sleep and rest.

Canines are also affected by temperature and humidity, this being the logic behind Regaldogs' Consultation decision to establish its Canine Centre of operations in Africa. Their ability to handle a specific job may also be effected by the size and height of the area to be searched. Occasionally, dogs have a bad day; an experienced handler will recognize when the dog is not performing to expectations..

Some of the issues Governments and Security Organisations must consider include how canine services work.

  1. What type of canine teams are available.
  2. What sort of training canine teams undergo.
  3. How certification programs work.
  4. What skills must a good canine team have.

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